From requist to monitoring: we offer you individual and complete solar power solutions! 

Within Europe and abroad Pfixx Solar realized thousands of installations for satisfied customers in the past 10 years. You will find solar panels and solutions of Pfixx Solar on residents, buildings in the agri sector or in fields. As a experienced provider, we are able to support you from A to Z in the realization of your solar-energy projects. We do this with our far reaching knowledge, our products, our ideas and last but not least with our outstanding service. This is how we reach the best results and maintain a high customer satisfaction.

Our portfolio entails next to small private installations also very complex projects. This includes assembly systems, cabling, converters and the monitoring of the system.

How different our solutions may be, they all offer four central advantages:

  • Saving money directly
  • Simple installation
  • Maximum yield
  • Sustainable systems with a long durability